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Aircraft Tow Bars of high quality two bars that fit just about any general aviation aircraft.
Below is a list of the more popular tow bars we offer.

Note: Some of the larger tow bars require special shipping and additional costs (Dimensional weights apply)
due to the larger than normal packaging required.

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Cessna: P/N: HH-001 ID: 2555 $74.00
This two piece telescoping tow bar fits all Cessna's
with 5/8" lugs on nose gear. Overall length 42.5", collapsed 24".


Mooney: P/N: HH-002 ID: 2556 $69.00
A simple "T" handle design for the Mooney axle.
Overall length 33.5"


Cherokee: P/N: HH-003 ID: 2557 $85.00
This one piece tow bar has a retractable locking mechanism
that gives a positive lock when installed. Overall length 31"




Beechcraft: P/N: HH-004 ID: 2558 $85.00
The compact design of this tow bar makes it very popular among Beech owners. Overall length 38", collapsed 21.5"

Arrow: P/N: HH-005 ID: 2561 $65.00
This offset "T" handle design fits into the arrow axle
making it a simple and easy design to use. Overall length 33"



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Deluxe Cessna: P/N: DH-009 ID: 2540 $85.00 Our most popular tow bar. Fits Cessna's with 5/8" lugs on nose gear. Uses lever action spring loaded forks for ease of operation. Overall length 48", collapsed 28"

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Deluxe Piper: P/N: DH-011 ID: 2543 $85.00
This tow bar offers the same features as our
P/N: HH-003 plus the convenience of a telescoping design.
Overall length 42", collapsed 24"






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1-1/8" Axle: P/N: DH-016
ID: 2549 $85.00
This is a universal tow bar designed for aircraft
with 1-1/8" axles such as Cessna Skymaster and Piper Seneca.
Overall length 56", collapsed 33"


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Deluxe Beechcraft: P/N: DH-021 ID: 2552 $85.00
Spring loaded forks for ease of operation.
Overall length 47", collapsed 28"




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Scott Tailwheel: P/N: DH-012 ID: 2546 $85.00
A tow bar designed for aircraft using a Scott 3000 series tailwheel.
Overall length 48", collapsed 28"


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FBO Universal Tow Bar 
This heavy duty universal tow bar is standard FBO equipment. Fits Piper, Cessna, Beech, Mooney, Aero Commander and many others. Adjustable fork allows you to extend the fork assemble from 3" to 10". Extra long 7' 6" length. Also available with 1-7/8" or 2" ball kit.
* Dimensional shipping weights apply

with PINTLE  RING P/N: T-100 ID: 2562 $319.00
T-100-1 7/8 (1 7/8" Ball coupler) ID: 2565 $329.00
T-100-2 (2" ball couplerID: 2566 $329.00


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Universal Fit Tow Bar: P/N: T-105 ID: 2569 $209.00
For use with tug, tractor or by hand. Slide lock quickly adjusts and holds firmly.Fits most Cessna singles and Twins with 5/8" lugs, all Mooneys, Twin Commanders, Lake and Commanche. 72" O.A.L.
*  Dimensional shipping weights apply


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Universal Tow Bar P/N T-110 ID: 2572 $219.00 Like above type T-105 but with modifications for For Piper single fork design, Arrow, Malibu, Lance, Seneca and Seminole.
*  Dimensional shipping weights apply




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