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Garret Willat & Sean Franke

(Crew Mobile, Base Station, and Aircraft)

Aviation band communications antennas for mobile vehicle, ground and base stations

1/4 WAVE
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A single radiating element 1/4 wavelength long.  It is the simplest type of antenna. A loading or matching coil is not required. Typical gain is unity when mounted on a suitable ground plane

5/8 WAVE
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A single radiating element 5/8 wavelength long. The 5/8 wave
has the best performance from a single element with 3dBd gain
with a suitable ground plane. Because the end fed impedance
 of the antenna
is not suitable for matching the radio, an impedance
 matching coil is used at the base of the radiating element.

Some simplified antenna basics
The basic math for 1/4 wave antenna is quite simple

1/4 wave = 234 divided by frequency or to arrive at a proper antenna length in feet. As an example for 123.5 would be 234 / 123.5 = 1.9 feet x 12 inches = 22.8"....this length should however also take into effect the distance from the ground plane to the antenna mast tip. Considering this though an antenna cut for 118.00 would be 23.88" and one for 136.00 MHz would be 20.64 so the total difference is only just over 3" to cover the entire aviation band and 1/4 wave antennas are fairly tolerant and will function with fair results several MHz off from the "ideal" antenna length.
A 5/8 is an exception, and you MUST have some kind of matching device on the antenna like, a gamma match, or a tuning coil so for these refer to the manufactures data.
Here's a site that offers a quick calculator for 1/4 wave antenna calculations
Amateur Quarter Wave
Ground Plane Antenna Calculator

Ground Plane
Most antenna's require a ground plane, typically a metal surface to mount and ground the base of the antenna (not the center conductor of the antenna!)

For VHF airband communications and ELT antennas (121.5 MhZ) on composite or wooden aircraft an effective, light-weight, ground plane can be formed from radial strips of copper foil or other conductive metals. A doubler may be required to strengthen resistance to impact, vibration, ice, etc. and can serve as connection points for the radials. A ‘doubler’ layer of sheet metal, such as aluminum, can be mounted under the aircraft skin. Alternatively, four or more ‘radials’ fastened to the underside of the fuselage skin can be used to fashion a ground plane. Each radial can be metallic tape, 22 AWG wire, etc. Tape should be at least 1 inch (25.4 mm) wide and each radial 24 inches (60 cm), minimum. The ground plane connects to the shield of the RF antenna connector. Resistance between the ground plane and shield connection should be maintained at 0.003Ω maximum. A star washer should be used between the antenna connector housing and ground plane.
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Larsen LM.gif (2134 bytes)
H.D. Magnetic Mount

Crew car antenna by Larsen Electronics 5/8 wave antennas cover narrower frequency bands than 1/4 wave antennas but have longer range and higher output capability. Ideally trimmed for use within about 3 MHz or less above and below the trimmed length, meaning an antenna trimmed for 123.4 should provide suitable transmit and recieve use up to about 126.0 MHz and down to about 120.0 MHz and useful but less excellence outside this bandwidth. This one really works great! Field tunable, complete with magnetic base, 12' coax cable w/BNC Connector, frequency matching coil, 64" whip antenna (note: Antenna mast has to be cut to 62" for a center frequency of 123.4 MHz).
ID: 1152 $79.95

Larsen Q.jpg (6084 bytes)
Larsen 1/4 Wave Magnetic Mounted Crew Vehicle Antenna

1/4 wave antennas are simple and offer wide frequency coverage.
Magnetic mount crew car antenna identical to the Super 5/8 wave antenna but with 1/4 wave whip (22.77") and without the loading coil required for 5/8 wave. Field tunable to provide the best communication between glider and crew, Complete with 12' coax cable,connector and tunable whip. More compact and convenient than 5/8 wave but still a great performing antenna for use with crew vehicle transceivers or handheld radios. TRim antenna mast to 22.77" for 123.4 MHz) 1/4 wave antennas are fairly tolerant and work on a rather broad range or frequencies from the ideal trimmed lenght.
ID: 1151 $49.00


Our most popular fixed base station VHF antenna!

Larsen's finest base station antenna.
trimmed to 123.4 but works well throughout 118.0 - 136.0MHz)
Includes all mounting hardware
Cable and connectors additional
ID: 1186 $136.00

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RA Miller "Antenna Specialists"
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AV-1 Communications Base Antenna
The AV-1 is a base station antenna for communications with ground vehicles or aircraft. It has heavy-duty construction with 3/8" diameter aluminum radials, a 1"diameter aluminum tube radiator, and is iridite-treated for durability. It mounts easily to a 1î diameter pipe or a 1-1/4" O.D. tube with locking set screws. A built-in gap-type lighting arrestor is an important design feature. The antenna requires no additional tuning and is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 100 mph.
ID: 1158 $319.00
AV5.jpg (9407 bytes)
AV-5 on left, AV-1 on right
AV-5 Communications Base Antenna
  An economical Ground Plane base station antenna the AV-5 is ideally suited for use with Unicom transceivers and is field tunable for the frequency band desired. Also due to the more compact design and included ground plane the AV-5 is a great choice for use on Fiberglass top Motorhomes when no natural metal grounding is available. The redial arm angle is designed to give optimum VSWR at the tuned frequency. Durably constructed of high quality materials for a long operational life, the antenna is designed to withstand wind-speeds of up to 100 mph.
Application: Communications : 118-136 MHz
VSWR: 1.5 to 1 Maximum
Impedance: 50
Polarization: Vertical
Pattern: Omni-directional
Connector: Accepts PL-259
Weight:1.0 LB
RF Power Capability: 100 Watts
Height: 34"
ID: 1166 $164.00

note: not all antennas listed here have FAA approvals.
Additional FAA Approved and TSO'd antennas are also available

LARSEN 1/4 wave kit
Larsen Q.jpg (6084 bytes)
Ideal for external mounting on metal aircraft or internal mounting in composite or wooded structures with suitable ground plane.
The 1/4 wave antenna kit is complete with and includes  RG58A/U cable, base, and Q-88 1/4 wave whip antenna mast. This kit makes an easy to install, effective 1/4 wave aircraft antenna trimmed to about 22.77" for 123.4MHz (works well throughout the 118-136MHz aircraft band)
ID: 1198 $39.95*
BNC connector not included
add $8.95 for BNC Male solder type
or add $12.95 for BNC Male Crimp connector "INSTALLED" ready to use


Airband Ground Independent Dipole
The Airkit is a completely ground independent antenna which is designed to be used in a wide variety of applications, such as  (non-certified) kit-build and composite aircraft. This products is not approved as a primary com antenna. Termination is provided to the industry standard BNC female and supplied with 10m of RG58CU coax cable. The Airkit antenna is one of the easiest antenna to install and has a maximum bandwidth of over 3MHz under 1.6 to 1 SWR. The Airkit is made in Australia with Australian parts and is covered by the manufacturers Mobile One 5 year warranty.

Type Vertical Dipole, Length 870mm, Weight 276 grams, Tuning Factory Preset, Frequency Centered on 127 MHz, Impedance 50 Ohms, Max Power 50 Watts, Pattern Omni Directional, Application Mobile or Base, Vswr 1.6 to 1

ID: 1155 $168.00

Composite communications and Transponder antennas
(non TSO'd)

These antennas are designed using the latest engineering technology.  Laboratory measurements show them to have better electrical characteristics than currently available products.
 The unanimous reports from pilots who have been using them confirm that they outperform everything now available on the market.

TRANSPONDER ANTENNA/STUB/BNC (104-12) Transponder Antenna - Stub
BNC Connection

L2 Transponder antenna
ID: 1183 $99.00

5T and 5I Communications, NAV and ELT antennas

ID: 1277 $149.00
FLEXIBLE! These antennas can be formed to fit on some surfaces less than perfectly flat, though they should never be looped as pictured or beyond the recommended limits as described in installation instructions.
For navigation the antenna should be mounted near horizontal, and for communications and ELT use should be at
or near vertical up to a maximum recommended angle of 45 degrees from the ideal.

NO Ground Plane . . .
These antennas are designed to operate with the modern radios that are installed in today's composite airframes.  Just bond them in and connect the coax cable, don't use a ground plane.  Seal them into the structure, they last the life of the airframe. One antenna model works for communication, navigation, and for ELT (Three antennas in the aircraft, but all the same design), and this design is tolerant to installation errors.  They will work in metal airframes when a plastic or fiberglass wing tip or similar plastic component has been available to provide the mounting structure. This antenna is ideal for restorations of antique and classic aircraft when you don't want an exposed whip antenna. For navigation the antenna should be mounted near horizontal, and for communications and ELT use should be at or near vertical up to a maximum recommended angle of 45 degrees from the ideal.
Antenna is 45" OAL x 1" wide + connections.

 *Sailplane ELT Antenna
 A simple solution to antenna installations in many sailplanes can be accomplished with
 the use of a "Rubber Duck" antenna similar to those used on most handheld transceivers.
 The Nav-151 Flexible rubber antenna 118-136mzh with BNC is one of the smallest at just 6" OAL.
 simply run coax cable from the ELT to any surface, attach a surface mount BNC female connector (preferably through a metal sheet for ground plane and add the antenna. This can be inside a fiberglass, wood or fabric fuselage or mounted with a clear view through canopy of carbon designs.
 Nav-151 Flexible rubber antenna 118-136mzh with BNC ID: 1204 $34.95
 RG58C/U coax cable ID:1252 $.50 ft
 BNC Surface connector (Crimp type) $5.00 BNC Male (crimp or solder) $4.95
* note: this may not be suitable for installations that require certification,
 but ELT's are not required in sailplanes and can use this for an added safety feature.





BELDEN RG-58C/U MIL-C-17G (8262) Coaxial Cable Stranded tin-coated copper conductor. Diameter .116"
recommended for normal communication transceiver installations.

ID: 1252 $0.50 ft


 MIL-C-17/128 (RG-400) Coaxial Cable Solid silver-plated copper conductor. Diameter .116"
Highest grade Coax cable, recommended for Transponder installations
ID: 1220 $4.68 ft

Solder or Crimp type male and female  BNC Coax connectors

SMA to BNC Adapter
as used on many Vertex Standard handheld radios to connect to external crew and base station antennas

(left) BNC Male Crimp type and  (right) Female crimp type connectors for RG58 cable
$7.95 each
(*requires special crimping tool)

(left) BNC Female solder type $7.95
and (right) Male solder type connectors for RG58 $7.95

Bomar Interconnect Products 321A245F - Jack,  Bulkhead; RG58; BNC Crimp; Nickel
BNC Female Bulkhead mount *Crimp only) connector for RG58 (*requires special crimping tool)
note: Crimp type connectors require special crimp tool for installation

SMA-RG58 Bulkhead connectors

Crimp type for bulkhead mounting
*requires special crimping tool $8.95

Easy to install, no solder connector, (PL259 type) RF coaxial, for RG58 cable used for antenna connections

PL259 Type Connector, Not common with base antenna connections


Replacement antenna's for handheld transceivers
short, flexible antennas (typically 6-7" OAL) are actually long wire 1/4 wave antennas spiral wound to be compact and still maintain 1/4 wave lengths for 118-146 MHz.

 "Rubber Duck" fits Icom, RHP and other handhelds using BNC (1/4 turn and lock) connection $34.95
"Special" New surplus Yaesu (Vertex Standard) SMA threaded screw on type $18.95

Compact GPS Antenna
Non-magnetic base so these can be used in panels with little effect on magnetic compasses

1.7” x 1.7” square Non-Magnetic, attached with double-sided tape on bottom of antenna. 17' RG174 cable.
GPSGM04 1575.4 with  SMA connector type
GPSGM05 1575.4 with BNC connector type

TSO'd Transponder antennas

 a Non-TSO'd transponder antenna durably constructed with a chrome-plated phosphor bronze whip set in a teflon insulator.
The chrome plated ball tip provides low noise static discharge. Rigid specifications assure reliable performance in all kinds of weather.
The antenna operates to speeds of up to 250 mph and altitudes up to 25,000 ft.
ID: 1262 $39.95
Identical to above but with TSO $139.95

1030 to 1090 MHz - Meets TSO C74c

The AV-22 is a transponder antenna which utilizes a "BNC" connector that allows for a smaller mounting hole. The antenna is designed to operate at speeds up to 350 mph and altitudes up to 50,000 ft. It has a drag force of 0.41 lb @ 250 mph.
ID: 1163 $59.95


Mfr Part No CI 101 Meets TSO C74c
Transponder antenna with top loaded stub monopole. Antenna radiator is mechanically captivated and is machined from solid brass for impact resistance. Contact points are made from beryllium copper. Metallic parts are plated with bright nickel for corrosion protection.
Mounts through a single 0.600" diameter mounting hole.
ID: 1263 $129.00

Transponder/DME antennas from Comant Industries

Composite Transponder blade antennas
Let me first say I do not like or recommend these composite antennas on sailplanes!
Many sailplane pilots are convinced that these streamlined antennas are going to create less drag than the simple post antenna....they might be right! but this drag difference is so small that it is impossible to measure the drag difference on the aircraft itself. The big issue with the composite antenna is that they are fragile! easily broken with just a light impact and they are expensive and difficult to install and more so, to replace!

transponder-dme ant.jpg (215169 bytes)
Comant CI-100
Sturdy All Metal Blade DME/Transponder antenna designed and developed for Mach 2 military aircraft.
Design is unique in the blade and mounting base are die-cast as one piece with no dielectric material in the airstream.
 Standard six-hole mounting configuration has BNC connector flush to base.
ID: 1264 $239.00

CI-105 DME/TXP antenna

 Frequency · 960-1220 MHz & 1030-1090 MHz Broadband and rugged antenna designed for DME or transponder use. Antenna assembly encased in a glass reinforced polyester molded shell. Standard two stud mounting configuration.
CI-105 includes a BNC connector.
ID: 1265 $175.00

CI 105-16 DME/TXP antenna

DME/Transponder Broadband and rugged antenna designed for DME or transponder use.
Antenna assembly encased in a glass reinforced polyester molded shell.
 This unit offers the extended length two-stud mounting and includes a BNC connector.

Comant CI-105-9

  is a 2 stud mount base similar to the above CI-105-16 with short Coax cable and BNC connector.
4" long x 1" wide with a blade height of just 3 /14".
ID: 1268 $275.00

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