Delorme inReach SE

The satellite communicator that allows you to type, send and receive, track and SOS all from the palm of your hand.

inReach SE (Screen Edition) is the satellite communicator from DeLorme that puts amazing functionality in the palm of your hand without having to pair the device:

  • Send and receive free-form, 160-character text messages outside of cell phone range.
  • Trigger an SOS and interact back and forth with GEOS, our 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center.
  • Turn on tracking to share and view GPS coordinates.
  • Color screen and virtual keyboard with predictive text.
  • Intuitive LED indicator for satellite availability.
  • Audible message notifications.
  • Long-lasting internal rechargeable lithium battery for ultimate convenience and portability. 100 hours of battery life in 10-minute tracking mode with a clear view to the sky.
  • Designed for maximum durability in harsh environments (waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant).
  • Post to social media.
  • Built on award-winning technology pioneered with our first inReach device.

ID: 2402 $299.00


SPOT GLOBAL PHONE/satellite telephone for Globalstar satellite network
Powered entirely by satellite technology, the SPOT Global Phone allows the user to make a call no matter where they are. Whether calling, texting, or emailing friends and family or contacting emergency services, this phone provides exceptional voice clarity and fast data speeds. In North America, users can easily contact GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center simply by dialing 9-1-1 and they'll never miss a connection since the SPOT Global Phone allows them to access their voicemail even when they're off the grid
ID: 2429 $499.00

  • Crystal clear voice quality and convenient connectivity for handling 35-character texts to and from friends, family, or colleagues
  • The user can send email and access the internet (optional data kit required)
  • SPOT offers competitive airtime pricing
  • A long-life Lithium-ion battery provides four hours of talk time with 36 hours of standby
  • Very small, light handset

SPOT GEN3/Satellite GPS tracker and messenger

The SPOT Gen3 is a global satellite tracker that allows the user to stay connected with the push of a button - regardless of cell coverage. This device can send an S.O.S. to emergency responders, allow the user to stay in touch with family and friends, and makes it easy to track progress via Google Maps. The Gen3 also provides custom tracking rates, extended battery life, and motion-activated tracking.

  • Allows the user to request help from friends, family, or professional assistance organizations from their GPS location
  • In the case of an emergency, this device can send out an S.O.S. to GEOS, an organization that facilitates search and rescue
  • The user can send out custom messages by sending a pre-programmed message with GPS location
  • This device provides custom tracking; the user can select 2.5, 5, 10, 30, or 60-minute intervals with Unlimited or Extreme Tracking; plus, the Gen3 only sends tracking updates when the user is moving
  • Works in concert with Google Maps so that the user can view their progress on a map
  • Has a simple check-in feature that allows the user to let contacts know where they are and that they're ok
    ID: 2426 $149.95

ELT’s (Emergency Locator Transmitters)
and PLB's (personal Locator Beacons)

The ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) is designed to emit an Emergency signal on 121.5MHz. and 243.0MHz. automatically on impact by the use of a "G" switch or by manual activation. With ELT’s, Search and Rescue teams may more easily pinpoint the exact location of downed Aircraft. ELT’s are now also enhanced by Satellite detection.
Coming also to General aviation are new  406MHz ELT's with enhanced GPS locating capabilities. 406MHz ELT's also have some drawbacks, firstly, they are expensive and they are larger and heavier than their predecessors. They also have to be registered and have identifications for aircraft and owners. With time these will become more common and prices may as well as physical size may come down.
For glider use an ELT is not required but is a highly recommended piece of equipment. Since Gliders
are not required by any federal regulation to have an ELT of any kind, the low cost and more easily installed 121.5 MHz ELT is still the most useful and contrary to what many may think will not in the foreseeable future become outdated or useless.

please note:
Due to increased shipping restrictions of certain electronic devices that contain Lithium batteries we can ship most types only domestically by ground shipment, (no air shipping) and only certain types ELT's and PLB's will be considered for export.
All 406 MHz beacons must be registered with NOAA.


the FAST FIND 220 PLB is a simple, lightweight, and floatable distress beacon that comes with a buoyancy pouch. This device relies on the 406 MHz frequency to transmit the user's unique ID and precise GPS location to the global satellite network. Within minutes search and rescue services (SAR) are alerted and continue to receive regular position updates. Once within range, rescuers can then home in on the beacon's second signal, a 121.5 MHz transmission, and find the userEmits transmissions on the dedicated 406 MHz frequency and at 121.5 MHz for homing purposes
GPS equipped
In case of water landings, the unit is waterproof is to 30ft and comes with a buoyancy pouch allows the unit to float
SOS morse LED flash light
Safe stow antenna
No subscription required


Not only is the GPS (and its antenna) inside, there is also a 406MHz internal antenna.* Provided the INTEGRA is mounted where it can see the sky, under a canopy or through a radio frequency transparent composite fuselage, no external antennas are needed at all, though you must fit one if required by mandate.
* Please note that the internal antenna only transmits on 406MHz. The Integra ELT can transmit on both 406MHz and 121.5MHz through an externally fitted antenna.

The new INTEGRA 406 GPS ELT is a major step forward in the development of ELT technology and aircraft safety equipment. The INTEGRA is the only ELT in the world which operates on the international 406MHz satellite search and rescue system and includes an internal GPS and 406MHz antenna, plus an internal battery.
As a result of this technological breakthrough the INTEGRA offers the international flying community a number of major benefits over the standard ELT models available on the market today.
These include:
a fail-safe system which in the event of ditching the aircraft or a crash landing resulting in considerable damage, allows the INTEGRA, through its automatic activation, to still have the ability to transmit and send both the unique identification and GPS position through its clever design
the ability for the pilot or crew  to remove the ELT from the downed aircraft, as it will continue to transmit its lifesaving message even once removed from the airframe.
The INTEGRA ELT can also be installed on certain models of aircraft without having to fit an expensive external antenna (national authorities’ rules and regulations permitting) and additional external GPS interface. This will reduce cost and complexity for the aircraft owner when choosing to install
the all-important life saving device.
ANTENNAS INSIDE NOTE: Not only is the GPS (and its antenna) inside, there is also a 406MHz internal antenna.* Provided the INTEGRA is mounted where it can see the sky, under a canopy or through a radio frequency transparent composite fuselage, no external antennas are needed at all, though you must fit one if required by mandate.
 * Please note that the internal antenna only transmits on 406MHz. The Integra ELT can transmit on both 406MHz and 121.5MHz through an externally fitted antenna.

Technical characteristics

Weighing in at just 1.873lb and measuring just 6.89 x 3.90 x 3.40 inches the INTEGRA boasts a number of new and innovative features in a very small easy to install package. The INTEGRA transmits on both the international 406MHz satellite search and rescue system and on 121.5MHz for local direction finding. The minimum operating temperature of the unit is
The INTEGRA is available for installation on all types of aircraft, fixed wing (AF and AP versions) and helicopters (AF-H and AP-H versions). The INTEGRA is supplied as a kit and includes a universal mounting bracket, a remote control unit and additional connectors.
The internal battery life of the INTEGRA is 6 years and the transmission on 406MHz when activated is a minimum of 24 hours.

INTEGRA 406 GPS ELT PACK (1202502)
The INTEGRA 406 GPS ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) is the newest addition to the Kannad Aviation emergency distress beacon family.

ELT,  Universal Mounting Bracket, RC200 Remote Control Switch Kit , DIN12 Connector.

 Integrated internal 406MHz antenna
 Unique built in GPS
 Compact size
 Operates at temperatures as low as -20 °C (-40°C version also available), with 24 hour certified transmission on 406MHz (distress) signal and over 48 hours on 121.5MHz (homing) signal
 No external power supply required
 Choice of Remote Control Panels with 3-wire and 2-wire installation options
 Quick and easy retrofit with universal mounting bracket
 Minor change approval available for most common aircraft
 6 year replaceable battery
 Optional programming dongle, perfect for fleet operators

Kannad Integra Brochure
ID: 2411  List Price:$1,108.00
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external antenna is extra cost option

INTEGRA 406 AF-H PACK (1202503)
Integra 406 ELT for Helicopter Use

The INTEGRA 406 GPS ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) is the newest addition to the Kannad Aviation emergency distress beacon family


  •  Integrated internal 406MHz antenna ***
  •  Unique built in GPS
  •  Compact size
  •  Operates at temperatures as low as -20 °C (-40°C version also available), with 24 hour certified transmission on 406MHz (distress) signal and over 48 hours on 121.5MHz (homing) signal
  •  No external power supply required
  •  Choice of Remote Control Panels with 3-wire and 2-wire installation options
  •  Quick and easy retrofit with universal mounting bracket
  •  Minor change approval available for most common aircraft
  •  6 year replaceable battery
  •  Optional programming dongle, perfect for fleet operators
    Kannad Integra Brochure
    List Price:$1,269.00
    CALL for W&W price
    *** ANTENNAS INSIDE NOTE: Not only is the GPS (and its antenna) inside, there is also a 406MHz internal antenna.* Provided the INTEGRA is mounted where it can see the sky, under a canopy or through a radio frequency transparent composite fuselage, no external antennas are needed at all, though you must fit one if required by mandate.
    All aircraft that are required to have an ELT must have the external antenna mounted,
     * Please note that the internal antenna only transmits on 406MHz. The Integra ELT can transmit on both 406MHz and 121.5MHz through an externally fitted antenna.

    external antenna is extra cost option

ACK E-04
currently IN STOCK NOW!
ACK's E-04 is a 406 MHz direct replacement for their E-01 which will fit the E-01 mounting trays and use the same remote control panel indicator. The E-04 external antenna will utilize a current antenna mounting and wiring installation.
The E-04 ELT Kit Includes:
Lithium Battery Pack
External Antenna
Remote Control
Mounting Tray & Retaining Straps
Plug-in Audible Alert
Remote Cable
Coax Cable

Installation Manual
all for about 1/2 the cost of similarly comparable units!

ID: 2382  $599.00

NEW Emerging Lifesavings Technologies

Emerging Lifesaving presents the first ELT with an internal GPS that is approved for General Aviation use.

ELT/406MHz/121.5MHz/INT GPS (51220-042)
 Along with the new standard 406MHz emergency signal, Cospas/Sarsat satellites will read your current GPS position. In flight, the GPS unit automatically updates your present position every 15 seconds. Upon activation, a 5 watt signal bursts every 50 seconds to the Global Satellite System. Your location within 25 meters will then be transmitted to search and Rescue in less than one minute.
The ELT406GPS mounts like most standard ELT’s. The transmitter and the panel mounted remote switch/indicator can often utilize existing hardware and cutouts from your outdated unit. With the built-in GPS module, there is no need to install an expensive interface to an external GPS system. Maintenance is also easy with an owner/operator replaceable 5-year battery pack.
The ELT406GPS comes with both 406MHz broadcast and GPS passive antennae combined in a single sleek blade configuration for easy one-place installation.
Remote Switch
816-59-06 Remote switch with Aural Alert Self Test Remote switch with internal Aural alert
Emerging Lifesavings Technologies is a collaborative effort between two long-time distinguished companies in the Aviation industry. The Synergy between Kelly Manufacturing maker of RC Allen Instruments and Sparrow Avionics Inc. manufacturer of Nulite Instrument Lighting Systems have produced the safest and most sustainable Emergency locating transmitter produced today. Both companies in their respective fields brought their expertise and identified each failure point of traditional ELT’s and found a way to make to make them more survivable. With over 100 years of combined aviation experience, the ELT406MHz will take you from Recovery to Rescue.
Frequency: 406.037 MHz Monitored by

Output Power:
5W (440ms/50sec)
for 72 hours @-20C to +50C

GPS Cycle Time:
Every 15 Seconds
Accelerometer by 4.5ft./sec (2.3G) or Manual Activation
5-year Lithium (LiMnO2)
Self Test:
406 Power Accelerometer Enabled
406 Intelligent Antenna TM  Check
GPS Intelligent Antenna TM Check
Battery Power Monitor
Systems Operational Indicator

Remote Switch:
ON/ARM LED and Aural Indicator
250 Knot whip antenna
Cable: Includes 6 Feet of GPS coax cable BNC
 + 6 Feet of 406 coax cable SMA

ELT Transmitter 2.5lbs, Mounting Tray 0.3lbs, Total Weight  2.8lbs
Dimensions: 7.715” LX 3.660”H X 4.200”
Additional Parts: Coax Cable, Remote Switch, ELT Mounting Kit, Antenna Mounting Kit
ELT406GPS (250 knot whip antenna) $1399.00 MAP
ELT406GPS-600 (High Speed Blade antenna)$1899.00 MAP
With American ingenuity and American Engineering, Emerging Lifesaving Technologies is committed to keeping all of their products “Made in America”.

NEW 406 mzH ELT's from Emergency Beacon Corp.
Emergency Beacon Corporation

The EBC 406 is the first of the new line of digital EBC ELT's. Designed with the newest technology it also incorporates the best and proven features that characterize all of EBC's emergency locator transmitters. These transmitters have encapsulated electronics and battery packs to provide for added protection against shock, moisture, and other environmental hazards. They have a built-in monitor that emits a loud beeping tone if the ELT is activated. They can be activated either automatically or manually.
The EBC 406 lines of emergency locator transmitters have been designed with installation flexibility in mind. The transmitter can be installed in either the tail or the cabin of the aircraft. Installation near the pilot eliminates the need for a remote control, thus reducing the installation costs and eliminating the need to use precious panel space. Installation in the cabin also allows for easy removal of the ELT in case of an actual emergency - just disconnect the external antenna coax cable and attach the aux "rubber ducky" antenna. The EBC 406 can also be installed in the tail section of the aircraft for those who prefer that ELT location. In that case, a remote unit is provided for the aircraft panel so the the ELT can be controlled by the pilot. As with the cabin mounted unit, an auxiliary antenna is used when the transmitter is removed from the aircraft. All EBC 406 ELT's have a built-in self test feature that allows the pilot to check 406 power and the antenna-coax connection.

: Automatic Portable 406 MHz ELT complete system for fixed wing aircraft. Includes transmitter, survival antenna,
mounting bracket, external whip antenna with cable & battery pack. For cabin/cockpit installation.

External Whip Antenna (P/N ANT-406W)
The external whip antenna for both EBC 406AP and AF series ELTS.  It transmits on 406.028 and 121.5MHz frequencies.

MSRP $1662.00.....W&W $1265.00
THE EBC 406 approved by the FAA under TSO-91a and TSO-126; Type Acceptably the FCC under Part 87 and
approved by COSPAS/SARSAT



Military version of the EBC 406AP. For cabin mounting. Is painted black for night vision goggle compatibility.
Does not need a remote control monitor. Transmits on 406.028, 121.5, & 243.0MHz. Meets TSO-C126.


click on image for detailed specifications and data
For cabin or cockpit installation in helicopters. Has 720 degree spherical automatic activation.
Transmits on 406.028 & 121.5MHz. Meets TSO-C126. Approved for use without a remote control monitor.
MSRP $1750.00 Please call for current sale price
Full model list available on

Additional accessories (extra cost options) for EBC ELT's
406 mzh Antenna types offered by EBC

Shown: Blade antenna for high speed aircraft, Rod style, whip and portable folding band antenna


Ameri-King AK-451 is a FAA TSO’d approved, EASA ETSO’d approved,
406 MHz ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter Types (AF) Automatic Fixed, & (AP) Automatic Portable.
It transmits aircraft position data, immediately and accurately, on triple (406 Satellite /243 Military /121.5 Civilian) MHz frequencies.
ELT SET 406/WHIP ANTENNA (AK-451-1)List Price:$1,132.00 Sale price $975.00
ELT SET 406 ROD4 & PORT ANT (AK-451-4 List Price $1,865.35 Sale Price $1599.00
ELT SET 406/BLADE & PORT ANT (AK-451-5) List price $2,264.00 Sale price $1898.00
 ELT SET 406/WHIP ANTENNA (AK 451-6)GPS/NAV Position Interface $2159.00
Additional model configurations available

AK-451-PLB Frequency PLB (P-EPIRB)
"click on text above for flyer"

406/121.5/243 MHz

Model #AK-451-PLB(P-ELT)(P-EPIRB) (Personal Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon)
Applicable to all Outdoor Uses such as Hiking, Camping, Canoeing, Skiing, Boating, Flying, etc.
Harsh/ Robust/ Heavy Duty PLB in an enduring composite Emergency Carrying soft case.
Ultra long lasting Battery Package, up to 78 hours @ -20 deg C, end of 5 yrs life, 10 years
useful life time Lithium type, LiMnO2, 4 D-Size.
Position data default accuracy: 80 meters typical
Protocol: Coding Programming International Worldwide, all available PLB Protocols, i.e.
Short and Long Messages (User / User Location /Standard Location/ National Location) PLB w/ Serial No.
OXCO conv. tech for perfect grad temp stability.
PERP: 5W+/-2 dB @ 406.028 MHz for 24Hrs
PEIRP:(14-20) dBm @ 243 & 121.5 MHz for 78 Hrs @-20 deg C, end of 5-year life.
(4.27"W x 2.95" H x 5.64"L) 1 lb 14oz
500G tested and 1000 Lbs tested.
Waterproof and Flame-retardant tested.
Type Approvals: COSPAS-SARSAT, FCC.
FAA TSO C-142 (RTCA DO-204A) tested.
Exceeds RTCM Standards.
• Patent Pending .......Made in U.S.A.

Does not include G-Switch, Remote indicator on/off/reset switch or mounting bracket for use in aircraft
Includes portable antenna only


406AF COMPACT ELT KIT (40501-02) KANNAD is proud to announce the certification of the latest Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) the KANNAD 406 AF-COMPACT by INDUSTRY CANADA / TRANSPORT CANADA (TCCA) under ICID number 1159A-COMPAC406AF.
Kannad 406AF Compact ELT kit comes with:
DIN-12 CONNECTOR: 20514-01.

250 KNOT WHIP ANTENNA: 0141013 or
350 KNOT ROD ANTENNA 0124220
This new generation of ELT offers all the latest improvements of the COSPAS-SARSAT system with the 406 MHz frequency at a very competitive price for full package:
- Very small:131mm x 86mm x 75,4mm (5.1"x3.4"x2.9")
- Very light: 850gr (1.87lb)
- Battery life: 6 years
- Programming ease
In stock now, Available for Immediate delivery in the USA
014-1013 Whip Antenna for Kannad Compact 406 ELT MSRP $182.00 W&W price $165.00
 0124220 Rod Antenna for Kannad Compact 406 ELT MSRP $508.80 W&W price $465.00

Relative size comparison of Kannad 406 ELT/AF Compact ELT
with other
popular model 406 ELT's for G/A aircraft and gliders

Left Kannad
406 ELT/AF COMPACT, Center Ameri-King AK451, Right Artex ME406

KANNAD 406 AP ELT/3 FREQ. (20502-02)
GPS interface (optional)

The Kannad 406 ELTs are designed to be installed near the tail of the aircraft and be connected to an outside antenna. A sophisticated shock sensor will activate the ELT automatically in a crash. When removed from its mounting bracket and connected to the auxiliary antenna, the Kannad 406 ELTs become a portable survival beacon operating on three frequencies (121.5/243.0 and 406.0 MHz). A remote control panel located in the cockpit allows manual activation. A GPS or ARINC 429 interface can be added to load the position of the aircraft into the ELT. In the case of activation, the position is transmitted to the COSPAS-SARSAT LEO and GEO satellites. This gives "Search & Rescue" your aircraft identification and precise position...INSTANTLY! Maintenance is limited to a monthly self-test and lamp flashing sequence that indicates the test results. Weight: 2.84 lbs


Works with all Kannad ELT's including the 406AF Compact.  Will interface with any RS232 database.  No flag filters required.
Comes with 18" interconnect cable
Universal mount tray sold separately
Part# 255-0101 $1529.00
Fits all Kannad three frequency ELT's.  Also fits the Kannad Navigation Interface Unit.

Survival Cospas-Sarsat ELT 121.5/243/406MHz
Mfr Part No S1823502-03 - ECCN 7A994 - PROG REQ KANNAD - SCHEDULE B CODE 8525108040
Specialist in pinpointing distresses by satellite and number one in 406 MHz maritime Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) and PLB's. This new generation of ELT complies with the latest regulation and offers all the improvements of the
COSPAS-SARSAT system with the 406 MHz frequency:
GLOBAL COVERAGE thanks to COSPAS-SARSAT multiple satellite constellation
PRECISE PINPOINTING (<1NM) due to the unparalleled frequency accuracy of the 406 transmitter IDENTIFICATION OF THE AIRCRAFT IN DISTRESS the ELT transmits a unique aircraft identification number EFFICIENT PROCESS OF FALSE ALARMS to avoid costly search and rescue operations
The ELT is programmed with either the aircraft tail number, a serial number or the aircraft operator designator. This operation takes only a few seconds with the programming equipment developed by Martec Serpe-Iesm.

It can be installed inside an aircraft on a mounting bracket or in a carry-off bag (both on options).
The mounting bracket option includes a locking pin to avoid accidental activation before ELT removal.
The locking pin can be ordered separately with the carry off version.
The ELT can be fitted with a "Water Switch Sensor" to be activated automatically when in contact with water.
Part# 205 14-14 $94.80 additional cost
A buzzer and an led indicate activation.
An integrated “self test” checks the main functions of the beacon.
The test result is given by the led flashing sequence.
Battery replacement is only necessary every 6 years thanks to LiMnO2 technology. This represents a considerable improvement over standard generation ELTs with battery replacement necessary every year or every two years.


Warning to foreign importers and customers on all ELT's and 406 PLB's
Wings & Wheels does not assume responsibility for errors with any of the Schedule B Commodity Codes or Export Control Classification Numbers in this listing. It is the importer's responsibility to research and supply the correct codes and classifications for the product to be exported.
Some products may require an Export License in order to be exported.

link to manufacturers website
Which Artex 406 ELT?
Models beginning with "G" are General Aviation, Models Beginning with "C" are Commercial Aviation
Dash - numbers  -1 are single antenna, -2 are dual antenna. HM is Helicopter Models.
Rule of thumb basic Antenna selection, Whip antenna models for aircraft generally up to 200 KIAS,
 Rod Antennas for aircraft up to 350 KIAS and Blade antennas for those above these speeds.
Additionally some models also offer nav interface.
all models manuals and descriptions on manufacturers website

Part #: 455-0011 / TSOC91a, C126
The SLB406 was developed for use by crew members in the cabin or upon inflation of a life-raft. Engineered for ease of operation, the SLB406 is activated by pushing a large "Activate" button when requested by the aircraft's pilot in addition to the automatic fixed ELT on board.
The SLB406 meets the demanding RTCA DO-183 and DO-204 aviation standards. The beacon is made of tough poly-carbonate plastic and is designed to withstand the crush, shock and impact forces associated with a plan crash.
Easy to use:
The SLB406 can be activated with either the right or the left hand. The buttons are large enough to be operated while wearing gloves. Turning on the beacon is simple and can be done with one hand.
The 406 MHz signal emitted by the transmitter provides location accuracy of less than 3 kilometers.
The SLB406 is certified following tests as per RTCA DO-183 and DO-204 aviation standards for a type (S) ELT ensuring that it fully meets the demand of service in a military and commercial air environment and is FAA TSO C126, EASA ETSO-2C126 and COSPAS/SARSAT approved. Certification as a Class 1 (Cospas/Sarsat) beacon allows use in commercial, business and general aviation applications where this certification is required.

406 MHz ELT

G406-4 ELT W/WHIP ANTENNA (455-5044)
The Artex G406-4 transmits on all 3 emergency frequencies (121.5/243.0 and 406.025 MHz). The system was designed for use with the general aviation market in mind. The ELT automatically activates during a crash and transmits the standard swept tone on 121.5 and 243.0 MHz. The G406-4 also transmits a 406.025 MHz encoded digital message to the COSPAS/SARSAT satellite system, which allows for rapid identification and reduces search and rescue response time. The G406-4 has been tested to meet the rigorous requirements of TSO C126 including 500 G shock, 1000 pound crush as well as flame and vibration tests. The G406-4 is available for use with Artex's low cost whip antennas or a sturdy fiberglass rod antenna. The G406-4 also may be interfaced with the Artex ELT/NAV Interface which enables latitude and longitude data to be transmitted as part of the 406.025 MHz message.
View PDF Document
Click the PDF below for part Specifications

ELT to NAV Interface P/N 455-6500
"click" on test for brochure and description

The Artex "ELT to NAV Interface" is designed to be connected between the aircraft's Flight Management Computer (FMC) or GPS receiver and the Artex 406 MHz series of ELT's. Its function is to receive continuous position updates from the aircraft's navigation system and translate it to the proper format for use by the ELT. Upon activation, the ELT transmits digitally the Latitude and Longitude of the aircraft to the COSPAS/SARSAT satellite system. Knowledge of the position information allows SAR forces to launch an immediate mission to the last known position of the aircraft.

Installation and operation manual "click here"
ID: 2377 $1510.00


Artex Aircraft Supplies has proudly announced the availability of a new ELT. Called the ME406, the new ELT is designed specifically for the private pilot. ME406 is a 406 MHz ELT which will sell at about $1000. This price is a breakthrough in ELT technology. The ME406 will transmit on 121.5 and 406.028 MHz. Some key features of the new ME406 include a weight of 2 pounds; a mechanical footprint compatible with all Artex and some other ELT foot prints. The ME406 features a small overall size and single antenna output feeding a wire whip antenna which transmits on both frequencies.
Manufacturers link

455-6603 Base Pack Product No. 455-6603
The ME406 Base Pack List contains the transmitter and mounting hardware but requires selection of a remote switch,
an antenna and co-ax cable to complete the ME406 ELT system


**Whip antenna version Part # 455-6605 ID: 2418 $995.00

what's in the box...included with the Whip antenna version
Rod antenna versions include the same items with the exception of the whip antenna being replaced with the rod antenna seen below

**Rod style Antenna version Part# 455-6607 $1495.00

requires programming at time of order
NOTE: The ME series 406ELT does not have capability for GPS interface
please note:
all new 406mhz ELT's will require additional antenna along with the 121.5/243 mhz antenna for dual frequency ELT's. Or may have available dual frequency antenna operation from a single output ELT like the ME406. 406 mhz antenna's in particular will need vertical (up) mounting on a suitable ground plane to be effective GPS transmitters. ARTEX recommends a ground plane of at least 24" in radial from the antenna center mast. Mounting on metal aircraft surface usually meets this requirement quite easily, Composite aircraft create a new problem and will require at a minimum a radial design metal or metal tape ground plane. Composite aircraft and gliders of carbon fiber create an further problem in that the antenna must then be externally mounted and the ground plane as well external to the aircraft structure. Please see ARTEX installation manual for further descriptions and instructions at :see:

Upgrade From ACK Two-Frequency ELTs to...
406 Mhz Technology

Self-powered remote switch uses an internal battery and requires no power from the aircraft

No alterations of instrument panel necessary for remote switch
Re-use existing wiring harness from remote switch to ELT
Mounting holes on Artex ME406 line up with existing holes for ACK ELT
(Please note: the MOUNTING holes are the same as with the ACK E-O1 ELT BUT the length and width of these two ELT's are
 NOT the same and may require a different location for mounting if the previous model was mounted too close to bulkheads and the actual
 mount brackets are replaced when upgrading to the ME406)

Extremely simplified installation for maximum cost efficiency
Based on popular Artex ME406 system
ME406-2 (ME-406-ACE) Part# 455-6614
ID: 2422 $1095.00
replacement battery:
Artex ME406 Series, 5-year Lithium Pack
 for ME406, ME406 HM, ME406 ACE, ME406/P

ID: 2421 $140.00
NOTE: The ME series 406ELT does not have capability for GPS interface

General note on 406 ELT Antenna's

Pictured top to bottom
ME406 whip antenna
Ameri-King AK451 flat bland antenna (for portable hand carried use)
Ameri-King AK451 Whip antenna
Kannad 406 Compact Whip antenna

On 121.5/243 MHz ELT's the antenna's were generally simple 1/4 wave types and could easily be exchanged between models since the physical length of the antenna needed only to be a correctly trimmed  antenna to match that wavelength. However, now all 406 MHz ELT's require specific antenna's as provided by their manufacturers and are not interchangeable with other make and model ELT's due to electronic antenna matching in the ELT design. Most common new G/A 406 ELT's now use a single primary antenna that combines the 121.5 MHz antenna and 406 MHz antenna as one single unit. Notice all the above example antennas have a larger diameter base which includes matching circuit boards and coil for 406 MHz and slender whip top for the 121.5/243 MHz frequency, all are matched electronically for that particular model ELT and cannot be used with other models or manufacturers ELT's.
EBC Model 502
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The EBC 502 is undoubtedly one of the finest value in an Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT) on the market today. It exceeds TSO-C91a standards, is FCC approved and satellite compatible. As with all EBC ELTs, the EBC 502 transmits either automatically or manually on both civilian (121.5 MHz) and military (243.0 MHz) frequencies, simultaneously. It has a recessed 3-position toggle switch for automatic or manual operation and pre-flight testing. A built-in test circuit and lamp allows the pilot to visually assess ELT power and output, modulation and battery strength. This fully portable unit requires no cabling or external antenna, making it less expensive and easy to install in cockpit or cabin. Built to ensure reliability under the harshest conditions, it is able to withstand 1000+ Gs of shock, up to 24 hours complete submersion in salt water and will survive a flash fire of up to 1500 °F for two minutes.
The fixed, flexible antenna makes the EBC-502 one the easiest to install.
8 1/2"high x 2 1/2" wide x 2.0"deep

W&W Price ID: 2388 $625.00
Replacement Battery $59.95

(User Activated)
As of Feb. 2009 COSPAS/SARSAT will terminate the "continuous"
satellite processing of 121.5/243.0 MHz band.
This has been the call of all 406MHZ ELT Manufacturers....but....what remains to be true, 121.5/243.0 frequency
still exists! and in most locations S&R crews have NO Equipment yet for locating 406.0 MHz signals and will still have to rely on their ability to search for 121.5 MHz signals. Airliners and G/A aircraft can and are supposed to monitor 121,5 MHz when they are able, no G/A aircraft today even has the ability to monitor 406.0 MHz! Plus S&R can request COSPAS/SARSAT search for 121.5/243.0 MHz when there is a known missing aircraft.

No excuse for not having at least the protection of an ELT at this price!


Minimum of 48 hours continuous operation!
Compact, light weight, small size, Perfect to carry in addition to your onboard ELT installation!
Easy and intuitive activation
Waterproof to 10 meters and buoyant
Perfect to carry in addition to your onboard ELT installation!
Subscription free and no call charges
5 year replaceable battery
406 MHz international messaging & 121.5 MHz homing signal
Subscription free and no call charges
5 year replaceable battery
Manage your beacon and get extra advantages!
Register Kannad's dedicated web site to get 5 year warranty
(2 years + 3 years) Free access to beacon history (next maintenance date, battery life)
Programmer-friendly, easy coding of the beacon.
ID: 2410 $545.00
all 406 MHz beacons must be registered with NOAA.

*ELT Antenna Solutions
121.5 / 243.0 MHz

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Many sailplanes simply don’t have room for the fixed antenna supplied with most ELT’s.
ARTEX flexible dipole antenna is specially tuned for ELT and can allow simpler installation
and internal mounting in fiberglass structures.
ID: 1391 $
* note: this may not be suitable for installations that require certification, however since
 ELT's are not required in sailplanes which could allow modifications like this to the standard installation

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