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****March 20, 2014 - TOST has announced price increases.  Call us to verify current pricing****

Aircraft and Glider Tires
Wings & Wheels also stocks a large variety of tires and inner tubes from Tost, Mitas and East European manufacturers
 to fit most sailplanes. These tires are heavy duty tires designed to handle the weights and landing shock that
will destroy other types not specifically designed for this severe use

MITAS 350x135

High Quality MITAS 350x135 tire made in Czech republic
Typical on LET (Blanik)as well as some eastern European aircraft
ID: 4679 $349.00
Aero Classic 350x135

New type 350x135 tire as a lower cost alternative to the ever increasing prices of the MITAS brand tires.
6 Ply Rating, Maximum load 1225 pounds @ 50 PSI. Max speed 70 MPH/112 KMH
 made in Vietnam
ID: 4682 $198.00

350x135 wersja 1

Original equipment tire for most Polish gliders and aircraft including Jantar, Puchaz, PW-5 ect
(inner tube not included)
ID: 4685 $179.00

6 inch tires

Michelin 6.00 x 6 6 ply ID: 4710 $188.00

Condor (Michelin import) 6.00 x 6 ID: 4710 $123.95

there have been a number of owners of Ventus 2 and Discus 2gliders that the tires are too wide and are rubbing on the landing gear frames
to remedy this TOST has developed a new tire to replace the common 5.00 x 5 tires supplied by the manufacturer
336x115-5 TOST AERO 10 ply

It is designed specially for the narrow landing gear boxes of Schempp-Hirth gliders and replaces the 5.00-5 tire in 10 ply that used to be mounted
 on the 5 inch main wheels. This concerns the glider types: Discus 2b, 2c, 2T, 2cT Ventus 2c, 2cM, 2cT
 Thanks to a smaller outer diameter and a narrower installation width, the problematic of a tire touching the landing gear box are a thing of the past.
ID: 4676 $188.00

5 Inch tires

500x5 6 Ply Michelin Aviator ID: 4700 $130.00
Goodyear Flight Special II 500x5 6 ply tire ID: 4704 $131.95
500x5 6 ply Condor (Michelin import) ID: 4701 $94.95
McCreary 500x5 Airtrac 6Ply ID: 4707 $97.95

380x150x5 (15/500x5)
Goodyear Flight Custom 6 PR 380x150x5 (15/600-5) ID: 4691 $169.50
Aero Classic 380x150x5 Aero Classic 380-150-5 (15/600-5) ID: 4688 $136.90

4 inch tires

 Aero Classic Light Sport and Experimental 8 PR deep groove "anti-hydroplaning" design
ID: 46.94 $75.95
Right and bottom: TOST-AERO H.D. Ribbed design 400x4 8 PR
ID: 4697 $106.00


Above: 255/110 Stomil "Wersja" (made in Poland) H.D. 4 ply tire
ID: 4664 $169.00

(fits most Pawnee, Super Cub ect)

(left)280/250-4 4PR Specialty Tire of America
280/250-4 6PR AERO CLASSIC Wider high flotation tire

210x65 Tires

foreground From TOST, Continental 210x65 2PR ID: 4661 $44.95
Most common, used as OEM on several aircraft and gliders
behind Aero Classic (made in China) 4PR aftermarket ID: 4658 $39.50

2.00 x 50 Tires

Aero Classic Light Sport and Experimental 2.00x50 ^PR Ribbed tire ID: 4652 $32.95
Bottom and right: TOST AERO 2.00x50 ribbed glider tire
ID: 4655 $36.95
TOST 200x50 tire data sheet

NEW Landing wheels Mini 150 and Mini 180

 The smallest wheels with pneumatic tire,  Can be used as landing wheels, tail / support wheels, Good suspension due to pneumatic tire, Tire diameter 150 mm or 180 mm  Split hub from aluminum, easy tire mounting  with maintenance-free precision ball bearings for retrofit of tail wheels/steerable tail wheels See wheels page for more info
062151 150x30 industrial tire 6 ply for TOST MINI 150 wheel ID: 4646 $39.00
062181 180x35 industrial 4 ply tire for TOST MINI 180 wheel ID: 4649 $32.00
062152 Inner tube 150X30 45 degree + 17 Degree for TOST mini 150 wheel ID: 4718 $19.00
063192 Tube 200x50, 909028G, 90 degree valve stem type for TOST Mini 180 wheel ID: 4724 $14.90
063093 Tube 200x50, (45 degree)
ID: 4721 $14.90

Please note: with the current exchange rates, the current high EURO exchange and subsequent inflated oil costs many parts including rubber parts are going through dramatic price increases. The listed prices are kept current with each new re-supply and this page is updated usually every week as new supplies come in (W&W is the largest supplier in the USA of  these smaller aircraft tire sizes and we go through a lot of tires!). As prices change, and go up and hopefully down, I will continue to update, always keeping the current prices listed and offering you up-to-the-minute prices and the most accurate listed prices and the best discounts available.
150x30 industrial tire 6 ply
 TOST Part# 062151 
 $39.00 ID: 4646 NEW for TOST MINI 150 wheel
180x35   industrial 4 ply tire
TOST Part# 062181
32.00 ID: 4649 NEW for TOST MINI 180 wheel


H.D. TOST Brand Tire 


 ID: 4655 

Tail tire used on most sailplanes

Aero Classic 6PR $32.95 ID:4652

Lower cost H.D. "Light Sport" and "Experimental" 2.00x50

210x65 TOST Supplied Continental Tire $44.95 ID: 4661

Tail tire used on several sailplanes from Continental

210-65 4PR Rib Tire $39.50 ID: 4658

Aero Classic Chinese import Recommended for tail dolly or UL

2.80x2.50x4 Aero Classic Tail wheel Tire $54.95 ID: 4673 Wider Ribbed 6 Ply Rating Higher flotation tire
Pawnee, Super Cub and others (China)
STA Tail wheel Tire $62.00 ID: 4670

4 Ply Rating ribbed tail wheel tire Pawnee, Super Cub and others
Specialty Tires of America

400x4 H.D. TOST Brand Tire 8 PR $106.00 ID: 4697

Main landing gear tire used on several sailplane designs as standard equipment including heavy gliders designed for use with water ballast like LS3, Discus, Ventus and many others

 Aero Classic Tire 8 PR $75.95 ID: 4694

Light Sport and Experimental 8 PR Aero Classic
New deep groove "anti-hydroplaning" design
rated for up to 62 M.P.H., 70 P.S.I. and 800 lb maximum weight

260x85 H.D.TOST Brand Tire  $61.90 ID: 4667

Nose/tail tire for some tow seat sailplanes
(ASK-21 etc)

255x110 WERSJA (Poland) Nr.126 $169.00 ID: 4664

"Special purchase"
 Warbird, Antique-Classic Tire also used on
Krosno and Puchaz as tail/nose tire

500x5 Goodyeat Flight Special II 500x5 6 ply $131.95 ID: 4704

Standard equipment on most sailplanes with this size

500x5 6 Ply Michelin Aviator $130.00 ID: 4700

another excellent quality replacement tire for most sailplanes

500x5 6 Ply Condor (by Michelin) $94.95 ID: 4701 lower cost Michelin import, good savings
Mc Creary 500x5 Airtrac 6Ply $97.95 ID: 4707

economy priced 500x5 aircraft tire 6 ply rating

350x135 MITAS Tire(Czech) $349.00 ID: 4679

Main Landing Gear tire for most Polish and Czech Design sailplanes (Jantar, SZD-55, Blanik L13 etc)

350x135 Aero Classic $198.00 ID: 4682 Aero Classic 350x135 6 PR
made in Vietnam
350x135  350x135 wersja 1 $179.00 ID: 4685 STOMIL-POZNAN S.A. (Poland)
Goodyear $169.50 ID: 4691

Main landing gear tire used on DG 500-1000, some Diamond motor gliders, some Grob Twins and motor gliders, Schleicher K7 and ASH25, S-H Janus, Nimbus and others.

Aero Classic 6 ply $136.90 ID: 4688 Same as above Aero Classic brand, lower cost but excellent quality, long lasting  6 Ply
6.00x6 Michelin 6 ply $188.00 ID: 4713 Best H.D. 6.00x6 size used on some Grob twins and others
6.00x6 Condor (Michelin import) 6 ply $121.95 ID: 4710 lower cost Michelin import, good savings


45 degree tubes  (foreground) have 90 degree bend, plus angled from center 45 degrees out
 90 degree tube have 90 degree bend directly out to the outside at right angle
Alternative: one of the above may be supplied as available at the time, slightly different valve design but either type should work where 45 degree tube is required

200x50 Inner tubes and valve types
Pictured on left,  200x50/90/90/28G 90 degree tube
Pictured on right,  200x50/90/45/28G  45 degree valve tube *
*note these inner tubes  supplied through TOST may be by a variety of manufacturers

inner tubes 400.jpg (73456 bytes)

inner tube for 255/110 Used on  several older warbirds and some antique civil aircraft
also used on Polish Puchacz and Krosno gliders
ID: 4733


fits all TOST Moritz type wheels
210x65 are 90 degree stem only
TOST Part# 062093 ID: 4727


This inner tube fits all previous applications of the AirFix inner tube but has a slightly shorter 30mm TR87 90 degree valve
stem (see image below) and may require use of a valve extension for filling purposes.

064692 4.00 - 4  90 bent 32G valve standard length 32 mm
Fits TOST 4 inch wheel designs and most  400x4 wheels ID: 4751

Pictured below:
Bottom image is standard 500x5 with TR-67 (long stem) This type is used in most sailplanes with 5" wheels, this type will not however work in some newer gliders with disk brake, many Polish aircraft and gliders, or other sailplanes with 350x135 may use a shorter valve type like the one on top now replaced by the  5.00-5 TR-87 Short valve tube shown below in the next image

BELOW: 5.00-5 TR-87 Short valve (90 degree bend, 38mm long valve)
please see descriptions below


(Glider Puchaz, Blanik, Jantar) ** used with STOMIL-POZNAN S.A. (Poland)
ID: 4745 $86.00


click on image to expand
top of image to bottom:
TU 600-6 ACL TR-20 short, straight valve 600x6 ID: 4769 $73.95
TU 600-6 TR-87 short 90 degree value stem 6.00x6 ID: 4766 $73.95
G15/600/6 15/6.00- 6.00-6-65/6.00-6 Long TR67 90 degree valve stem ID: 4763 $90.95

Far right image: TU 600-6 ACL short standard TR-20 valve
Middle image: TR-87, short 90 degree
left image:G15/600/6 15/6.00- 6.00-6-65/6.00-6 Long TR67 90 degree valve stem

150 X 30 INNER TUBE  45 DEGREE 17 DEGREE 25g TOST Part# 062152 19.00 ID:4718 FOR TOST Mini 150 WHEEL
200 X 50 x 90 90 degree right angle valve
TOST Part# 063192
$14.90 ID: 4724 063192 Tube 200x50, 909028G, 90 degree valve stem type supplied from TOST* may be "Cheng-Shin" or "Continental"
200 X 50 x 45 90 + 45 degree
 TOST Part#
$14.90 ID: 4721 063094 Tube 200x50, 901728G (45 degree) valve stem type
supplied from TOST* may be "Cheng-Shin" or "Continental"
210 x 65  2.50x3 (210-65)valve bent 90 28mm 16.95 ID: 4727 TOST Part# 062093 (or Kenda brand) as available
former Continental (NLA)
255 x 110 255/110 Inner Tube $89.95 ID: 4733

Puchacz or Krosno

2.80x2.50x4 McCreary Tail wheel inner tube $18.90 ID:4742 Common on Pawnee, Super Cub and others
260 x 85/3.00-4 TOST supplied VREDSTEIN Brand* $23.90 ID: 4739 multipurpose tube
260 x 85 to 3.00 - 4 bent 90 33mm
Aero Classic Leakguard $23.90 ID: 4754

Replacement for AIRFIX 260/85/400x4

400 x 4 TOST supplied VREDSTEIN Brand* $19.90 ID: 4751

400-4 Tost Tube 32mm Valve

5.00- 5 TR-67 5.00-5 TR-67 Long valve stem
$69.95 ID: 4760

 90 degree 67mm Long Valve type, Fits most G/A aircraft with 5" wheels and many gliders with 5" Standard brake wheels

350x135 350 x 135 wersja 1 Inner Tube $86.00 ID: 4745

(Glider Puchaz, Blanik, Jantar) ** typically used with STOMIL-POZNAN S.A. (Poland) 350x135

5.00- 5 TR-87 5.00-5 Special TR-87 short valve
also fits most 350x135 tires / wheels
$69.95 ID: 4757

Short valve inner tube, used on some new sailplanes with 5" wheels with Disk brake wheels.

6.00 - 6 TR-20 6.00 x6 Straight valve type TR-20 $73.95 ID: 4769

straight vale stem 6.00 - 6

6.00 x 6 Short 90 degree TR-87, short 90 degree valve stem


ID: 4766

TU 600-6 TR-87 short 90 degree value stem

6.00 x 6 15/6.00 x 6 Long stem TR67 inner tube $90.95 ID: 4763

15/6.00 x 6 Long stem TR67 inner tube, some Grob Twin Astir versions, several motor gliders, others

Note: Some tires and tubes may be manufactured by various producers and sold under the TOST
or other major company brand names.
*note these inner tubes  supplied through TOST may be by a variety of manufacturers, some sizes may also be marked for a variety of wheel/tire sizes and types as a universal type
Tires and tubes marked (N/A or NLA from W&W) are not sold by W&W and are listed for reference only

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