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Garret Willat & Sean Franke

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Wing stands, One person assembly rigs,
Tow bars for ground towing and Tow-out wing wheels

GoJak Glider hangar dollies
GoJak® Model 4100™
Finally, a hangar dolly to designed specifically to fit gliders and light aircraft smaller wheels
Special angled jacking lever works with most glider types
Angled Ratchet Lever
- Aircraft and other vehicles to 4,100 lbs.; Tire widths to 7”

works with small glider wheel/tire sizes, and most general aviation wheels eve with wheel pants.
with an opening of nearly 20"  and a height of only 3 1/2 " above the top roller and only 5" above the highest point (the castors bolt)
easily slides under glider fuselage and even aircraft with wheel pants then closes to less than 4" at the bottom roller to lift the wheel

The model 4100 is the perfect tool for self loading smaller wheel assemblies primarily found on light aircraft. The extreme angle of the handle allows for maximum clearance from body parts and fender covers. Hand operation enables you to easily use directly under wings where pedal operation would be more difficult.
The Model 4100 can handle wheel weights up to 1025 pounds, tires ranging from 7 1/2 to 22 inches in diameter and widths up to 7 inches wide. The built in linear ratchet provides smooth and controlled lifting and lowering of tires. The unit uses four, 3 inch double ball raceway casters
ID: 2479 $399.00

Wall rack holds one GoJack dolly
ID: 2484 $19.95
456 Rack

Convenient storage cart handles up to four GoJaks® and fits all models.
The cart loads and unloads in seconds and rolls easily to the job or storage area.
ID: 2480 $89.00


If you fly for very long you will quickly realize the importance of locking your control surfaces when leaving the plane outdoors.
In my case I tried many different solutions with varying degrees of success. AirGizmos Gust Locks are designed to quickly lock virtually any control surface securely. It's bright color and integrated flag reminds you to remove before flight. The rubber cushions ensure that your finish will be protected. They are lightweight and portable. Perfect for carrying in the plane wherever you go.
ID: 4222 $39.95

"The Claw®" Aircraft Anchoring System
The harder you pull, the more it grips the earth.
"The only tie down with a mechanical advantage."

Designed exclusively for aircraft. Easy installation... Easy removal. No more struggling with screw-in anchors
Tremendous holding strength. The harder you pull, the more The "Claw®" grips.
The "Claw®" system has a 3600 lb. combined capacity, Ideal for all aircraft up to a light twin
Light-weight aircraft aluminum with hardened corrosion resistant spikes
Compact storage bag and contents weigh only 8 pounds
The "Claw®" includes: Bag that is easy to carry and store that contains:
 3 Anchors; 9 spikes; 1 hammer; 20-ft rope
Limited lifetime warranty
Made in the USA
W&W ID: 4634 $94.95

Wings & Wheels adjustable height, light weight wing stand kit
* uncut these are tall enough for assembly aids for many tall high wing gliders and some tow seaters that require very tall stands.
wingstandnew2.jpg (118770 bytes)When the builder of our original wing stand kits finally decided to retire it became necessary to look for a new alternative. After seeing carpenter tools, high school band sheet music stands and even step ladders with carpet stapled to the tops it became obvious that something better had to be found before too many wings were sent to early graves from suddenly being dropped and damaged. Even wing stands supplied from trailer and some glider manufacturers were too flimsy and were less than satisfactory.

wingstandnew2tall.jpg (101157 bytes)The new stand from W&W is simple but study, light weight and folds up nicely for compact storage. Offered complete and ready to use or for far less cost  the W&W wing stand kit can be assembled  for nearly 1/2 the cost in less than an hour with simple hand tools and detailed and illustrated instruction sheet supplied.

Admittedly, not everyone wants to spend the time building and some just don’t have the skill or tools to build their own stands from scratch. The stands
supplied in the W&W Kit  require only some simple modification to serve as good wing stands. Aswingstandnewknockdown.jpg (134988 bytes) supplied the stand has no top plate and they are far too tall for most glider assembly so they need some modification. Cutting the legs, center posts and support beams plus some re-drilling of bolt placement as outlined in the supplied instructions can be accomplished by most builders in less than an hour. I’ve done some the work for you and even added a top board with foam pad already installed. These stands adjust for height from just over 3’ to nearly 5 feet high!) and have a quick-pin to hold them in addition to the tightening knob. Completed stands are suitable for most wing weights (I put my over 200 pound weight on these to test) Legs fold and top lifts off for storage.
You do the work and save $70.00! Lightweight, adjustable height wing stand kit
ID: 6247 $89.00
Modification drawings and instructions

Wings & Wheels Wing Stand
Fully assembled, ready to use, the most stable wing stand available

With the fully assembled W&W stand what you see is what you get. This stand is complete and ready to use with an adjustable height from about 33' to 52'' and total weight assembled and ready for use at 10 pounds.
 ready to use
ID: 6238 $159.00

Tool Tech Tow-Out Gear
The Tool-Tech wing wheel
Sturdy all metal construction
easy knock-down for compact storage
outstanding quality

Tow Gear JS.jpg (244665 bytes) Tow out gearJS.jpg (240028 bytes)*
*note: actual wheel types will vary, (mag type in white or black, and spoke types are used according to current availability)

Very nicely made, this is the sturdiest tow out gear we can offer with machined aluminum and steel parts.
Wing Wheel can be adjusted to height and carpet covered aluminum wing cuff open at rear for easy attachment to gliders with Winglets or bent wings.

ID: 4823 $485.00 discontinued
For heavy and large cord two seat gliders Add $100.00 discontinued

Tool Tech Telescoping tow bar
Finely machined aluminum construction

Town Bar JS2.jpg (81361 bytes)
Tow bar is expertly machined strong yet lightweight aluminum. Tow Bar telescopes for use and retracts for compact storage with simple "Push Pin". Tool Tech Tow Bar design allows simple repositioning of the tail wheel channel to suit any sailplane type.
An extended axle is supplied for converting tail dolly wheel axle to use with towing bars.
with standard US type 2" trailer ball coupler.
ID: 4814 $319.00 discontinued

Wings & Wheels is pleased to be the exclusive US distributor
for fine quality Gliding accessories and assembly
products from

Wing Wheel

The Wing wheel consists of adjustable wing holder compound of three fiberglass parts connected together by steel band and from aluminum swinging fork with fiberglass spring and 16 inch wheel. The fork with the spring provides the suspension and restrains shocks from the ground. All three fiberglass parts of the wing holder are covered with smooth black adhesive foam and are painted with polyester gelcoat ensuring long operating lifetime. All steel parts are zinc galvanized and aluminum parts anodized to ensure good anticorrosive protection.
The wing holder attaches at the wing from the leading edge side after undoing of the closing lock. After the proper locating at the wing fasten the closing locks, the holder will pull together. Drive slow and carefully when towing the glider (max 10kmph, 7mph)! The wing wheel should be adjusted for some types of gliders before first use.
The wing holder chord length and thickness can be changed after your request between 48 - 60cm deep and 12 - 19% thickness. Also the height of the fork is adjustable between 75-90cm. This wing wheel is really universal!
ID: 4808 $495.00

Towing Bars
Tow bar allows you to tow the glider by a car equipped with the ISO-50 ball towing connection. We have elegant solution both for light or heavy gliders. For heavy gliders we consider: gliders with water ballast with MTOW over 525kg, two-seaters, open class, self starting powered gliders.
 The system intended for heavy gliders doesn't lift the tail of the glider, it only pulls/pushes and steers the direction, the glider rides on the tail dolly. The towing bar connects to the tail dolly by robust steel tube hinge with closing lock. To mount/dismount the towing bar, simply raise it up to the angle of 45° and pull out from the tail dolly hinge.

For Light Gliders

Towing bar allows you to tow the glider by a car equipped with the ISO-50 ball towing connection. We have elegant solution both for light or heavy gliders. For heavy gliders we consider: gliders with water ballast with MTOW over 525kg, two-seaters, open class, self starting powered gliders.
For other gliders as club class or standard class gliders you can use the light towing bar.  The Towing bar for light gliders is connected to the tail dolly and bears the tail of the glider for the tail wheel or tail skid.
The towing bar hooks to the prolonged dolly wheel axle by two hooks. The tail wheel or tailskid holds in a steel holder, whose position and height is easily adjustable for any glider.
The installation is very easy and safe. Our Towing bar is made mainly of anodized hardened aluminum, the weight is only 4,5Kg. Its design enables to fold it to small dimensions when not in use. All parts needed for adjustment of the tail wheel holder are shipped with the towing bar, as well as the new prolonged dolly axle with nuts and all other needed parts.

With more than 50 gliders using this item, the most appreciated feature is the lightweight construction and possibility of adjustment.
ID: 4805 $279.00

Towing Bar - Heavy Gliders

The towing bar is telescopic and can be shortened for transport very quickly and easily. Just push the lock button and push together. The towing bar is mainly made of anodized aluminum, the force parts are made of zinc-galvanized steel.
 Tail dolly has to be modified before use - simply screw a metal sheet with hinge tube between the dolly body and dolly wheel. This part is, of course, included in the price.
100's of this type in use today! The positive feedbacks were also for the lightweight design and easy connection to the glider (You don't have to heave the tail of heavy gliders).
Tow bar for heavy gliders 160cm ID: 4798 $309.00
Tow bar for heavy gliders 180cm ID: 4792 $329.00
Tow bar for heavy gliders 205cm $339.00

Optional lifting device for heavy gliders for easy tail dolly installation
ID: 4802 $65.00

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