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Garret Willat & Sean Franke

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One Person Assembly Tools
NEW One Man (Person) Assembly Rigging Aid
Made exclusively for W&W by Tool-Tech
Professionally manufactured using the highest quality tool steel and aluminum, precisely machined to exacting standards like no other! Smooth vertical and lateral adjustments, easy rolling even on rough turf with large pneumatic tires on roller bearing wheels.
All metal construction, highest grade hardware, Bushings on moving assemblies
Adjusts side to side, up/down and also front to rear (leading edge to trailing edge)
Standard cradle for wings with a chord up to 34", larger cradle available for two seat and larger cord wings

easily customized to best fit and balance most glider wings
Detail of design (click on thumbnail images to view)

Quick "push-pin" assembly from knock-down to "ready to use" in seconds

Knocked down, no single part over 13 pounds for easy storage and handing unlike other systems that allow only the top cradle to be removed and won't even fit into most trailer storage compartments
(here shown along side IMI One-Person -Assembly-Dolly"

Easy to assemble and handle
total weight: about 44 pounds

Professionally machined components throughout, parts are of highest quality steel, aluminum,
all fasteners and hardware are machine grade.
Parts are powder coated or anodized for lasting finish and corrosion protection.

ID: 4820 $1195.00
Standard system allows for wing chord up to 34 inch
For heavy and two seat gliders with large wing chord add $200.00
please state glider type and wing chord when ordering
Comparison images IMI and Tool Tech Designs

So which one? Tool-Tech Made in the USA or IMI made in the Czech Republic?
Both are outstanding and supurb workmanship, Tool Tech is slightly heavier but knocks down quicker (neither take more than 1 minute to assemble or disassemble, Tool Tech has crank adjustment for height, IMI uses Gas strut, both can be customized to fit most glider wings.. Tool-Tech is slightly more compact knocked-down, IMI is slightly lighter at about 36 choose, I honestly can't, both work very well, I've used both an made my own small custom adjustments to each as most users will, but they are complete and can't make the wrong choice!

WE are pleased to announce that IMI-Gliding of the Czech Republic has selected Wings & Wheels above all others to be their North American representative for the complete line of products offered including IGC-FAI Approved Data-Loggers, Ipaq GPS Power supplies and cables, Tow out gears and unique one person assembly tools. I think you'll agree the unique designs, superb quality and support make them very desirable partners for many of your glider accessories.
IMI - Gliding Equipment started the production of equipment for glider pilots at the end of year 2004. After four years of experience our aims profiled in simple conclusion: everything we do, we try to do the best we can.
We offer you the usual things with unusual quality, new ideas, interesting look, smart functions. As we hear from the feedbacks of our satisfied consumers, this is the right way. Since we are personally experienced glider pilots, we understand the problems quite well. At the end of the year 2007 we have more than 400 satisfied consumers from the whole world. 

VIDEO of IMI OMR in use

The IMI-One Man Rigging Aid was successfully tested at the beginning of 2008, until now more than 30 pieces were delivered to the customers from whole Europe. It is high rated especially for its simple and light design, simple use and also interesting look.
 Technical specifications:
Wing holder:
Glass reinforced plastics with red gelcoat, covered with 10mm black adhesive Neoprene. 4 main bolt locations for different positions of center of gravity. Clever universal shape both for thick and thin airfoils. Removable arm adjustable in two axis with spring-knobs.
aluminum profiles, telescopic design, 350 or 400N gas spring for fast, easy and stepless height adjustment, 300mm run.
Axle and wheels:
removable axle, sliding to sides (8cm each side), with blocking screw. Tube tire wheels 260mm diameter, removable.
Finish: fiberglass parts polyester gelcoat, steel parts galvanized, aluminum parts anodized - no black hands, top finish
folded only 80x45x18cm, see the pictures, weight ca. 13kg
Use: height from 70 to 100cm, stepless adjustable, enough for 90%modern gliders, also for uneven surface. Wing chord length 68-85cm, relative thickness 12-19%, useful for gliders from Libelle up to ASW-22. Not suited for heavy two-seaters with big chord length as Janus, Duo or DG-1000 (another type will be available for these heavy aircrafts if enough demand).
Short movie of the use of the One Man Rigging Aid in Download section here

 ID: 4786 $1395.00
NEW one man rigging assembly for Two seat and larger gliders Add $100.00
Includes import duties and incoming shipping from the mfgr.
onl the shipping costs from W&W to you is additional

please inquire for stock on hand or future delivery positions available
See more from JŠnos Bauer Janos Bauera, a satisfied IMI customer with his perspective and use of their equipment.
be sure to also check out his other pages to see more beautiful projects he has completed.

additional images of IMI Gliding assembly rigs and tow out gears on


made in Germany
All are capable of being folded and dismantled for storing in the trailer. On the left a rig that is mechanically adjustable in height and transverse, with two large tires for use on grass, and well aligned for precision work. Next to it our rig with electronic drive and push bottom remote control. You can stand at the fuselage and the wings can be moved back and forth, up and down. The rigging aid with its 5 swing wheels uses less space for assembly but is not so easily aligned. For most sailplanes additional pins on the sides are recommended for turning the wings. For rig with the smaller wheels design the ground should be as even as possible. On the extreme right is the Cobra wing support. It is mechanically adjustable in height, with folding tripod, left of it the electrical version with remote cable control and own battery. In the foreground the ground handling towing bar and wing dolly making it possible for one person with a car to tow the sailplane without a wing walker.

One man assembly rig with infra-red electric remote control
option with new Cobra Trailers

Battery driven height and side-to-side adjustments from simple wireless remote control allows positioning of wing while the operator is free to handle wing root for accurate assembly. Remote control stores on the assembly rig when not in use, battery is sealed lead acid rechargeable 12V 7aH  type (Charger is not included) like those used in most sailplanes. Assembly rig easily knocks down for storage with simple quick pins. Adjustable cradle fits most glider types

Special order only....about $2100.00
 call for current price
does NOT include delivery (drop-ship) charges from the manufacturer (Germany)
Cobra one man electric.jpg (160296 bytes)cobra elec.jpg (149827 bytes)
Click on image for a larger view

Manually Adjustable One Man Rig
Manually adjustable one man assembly rig is similar to the Electric model but moves manually side-to-side and has hand crank for up-down adjustment

cobra one man manual.jpg (159800 bytes)
Special order only....about $1900.00
 call for current price

Special order only.. does NOT include delivery (drop-ship) charges from the manufacturer (Germany)

Disclaimer: In that the ultimate usage of these items is beyond our control "Wings & Wheels" will not be responsible for and damages arising  from their use. In purchasing these products, the "PURCHASER" accepts full responsibility for their feasibility, suitability and proper usage and any damages that may occur with the use of these products.

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