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Buchloe/Landsberg, April 2013
Funkwerk Avionics acquires airborne transceivers from Dittel Messtechnik

With effect from 1st of May 2013 Funkwerk Avionics GmbH, in Buchloe/Germany, has acquired the rights to produce and market the airborne transceivers FSG90 and FSG2/ from Dittel Messtechnik GmbH, in Landsberg/Germany, by means of an asset deal.

The airborne transceivers FSG90 and FSG2T are in world-wide operation for decades with an excellent reputation for high equipment reliability, long working life cycle and very robust equipment design. The FSG90 transceiver fulfills the requirements of the implementing regulation of the European Commission of 16 November 2012 with respect to the 8,33 kHz channel spacing, and can be used also in its corresponding base transceiver configuration.

Dittel Messtechnik GmbH, founded in 1959, started its activities in the field of Airborne Transceivers and Power Electronics. Over the years it differentiated its product portfolio making the measuring technology division its core business. In 2012 Dittel Messtechnik GmbH has been acquired by the Marposs Group. In order to concentrate itself on its core activities as a result of a strategic decision from the new shareholders, Dittel Messtechnik GmbH has decided to part from these products.

Funkwerk Avionics today is a market leader in Europe in terms of sales of aircraft radio equipment and mode S transponders for the application in General Aviation. With the acquisition of the aircraft radio equipment FSG90 and FSG2T the company expands its product portfolio in terms of new market segments and an expansion of business outside Europe. "We are delighted with the acquisition of Dittel aeronautical radio equipment to be able to continue the successful global commercialization of these universally recognised devices in the interest of numerous existing customers. The acquisition complements our radio product line and will lead to new global business", Funkwerk Avionics' CEO Dr. Thomas Wittig concludes. (press release for download)

 FSG4WD.jpg (89287 bytes)Walter Dittel Handheld Transceivers
made in Germany

Highest German quality handheld VHF transceivers built to last
The FSG-5 offers selection of all 760 channels using MHz and KHz selector knobs. The FSG 4 allows the selection of any 6 channels from the 760 channels of the international VHF aircraft band. The one watt (carrier) transmitter and highly sensitive and selective receiver make long distance communications a reality. Very low current consumption allows a remarkable 5.5 to 29 hours of normal operation. Its solid aluminum dust and splash resistant case makes these handy transceivers ideal for almost every possible application, even under harsh climatic conditions. RF derived sidetone in 5 steps and switched DC output for VOX 90 use are standard.A wide range of accessory items are available.
Continuous charging both during operation and switched off is permitted.
Not cheap.....but the best never is.
Not cheap.....but sturdy and made to last!
** MSRP depending on current exchange rates
Please call for W&W latest prices and delivery termsfsg 4 und fsg 5

FSG 4 Hand-held transceiver (Pictured at left)
Frequency range 118.000 to 136.975 MHz, 6 channels preprogrammed
FSG 4 manual (FSG5 similar)

FSG 5 Hand-held transceiver (Below)
Frequency range 118.000 to 136.975 MHz freely selectable

Permanent operation from the charger is possible with or without radio operation. This service-friendly family of equipment is manufactured to our high quality standards. Airband radio allows free mobility and makes a great contribution to aircraft safety. Hand-held radios are ideal aids to this and simplify or make possible a reliable, economical and safe operation of aircraft, particularly in the vicinity of the airport and the aircraft. Excellent transmission and reception performance provide safety in all circumstances and in the most difficult situations. These properties are supported by the robust metal casing which will withstand even very heavy loads. Versatile accessories make these convenient airband radios a universal tool for daily professional use. LED battery monitor, illuminated frequency display (FSG 5), switchable squelch, arrestable reception volume adjustment, connections for an external microphone, transmit key, headset and aerial are additional useful advantages. The FSG 5 can be switched to any of the 760 channels. In the FSG 4, 6 (of 760) preprogrammed channels can be selected. For use by public authorities, 1.040 channels can be supplied.
The 1 Watt transmitter and the highly sensitive and discriminating receiver allow great ranges, depending on the aerial. The very low current consumption allows 5.5 ... 29 hours of operating time from the installed battery. A solid, largely dust and splash proof aluminum case and the robust design make this airband transceiver suitable for almost any conceivable application, even under harsh climatic conditions. Diverse system accessories are available. A real TX sidetone in 5 stages and switched + 12 V output for VOX 90 and headset operation are standard.
Not cheap.....but sturdy and made to last! about ID: 1784 $2200.00 **
** MSRP depending on current exchange rates
Please call for W&W latest prices and delivery terms

A full line of Walter Dittel options and replacement parts are available on special order. Please also see Walter Dittel Panel mount transceivers, portable transceivers and base (tower) stations under other headings in this catalog.

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